• Quesadillas with Lentils + Sweet Potatoes

    My obsession with the famous French lentil du Puy continues, starring most recently in this healthy-ish Tex-Mex quickie, les quesadillas. A speedy dinner, even though the lentils here are the fancy ones, so-called because of the region they come from in France, it’s pretty easy these days to find the small green French lentils, which are almost the same as these.

    Quesadillas with Lentils + Sweet Potatoes
  • Orange + Chocolate Chip Cake

    If you take away the orange zest and the chocolate, you have the basic yogurt cake. But with the orange zest and chocolate, you have a cakey version of one of my favorite French candies, the orangette.

    Orange + Chocolate Chip Cake
  • Mujadarra

    It is time for all of us to, ahem, push back from the cookie jar, finish up the remaining chocolate, and turn the page to January. It is here, this new year, so let’s tackle it with gusto.

  • Parmesan + Black Pepper Crackers

    I don’t eat a lot of cheese, but Parmigiano-Reggiano, that’s another story. I count that as less of a cheese than more of an ingredient I cannot live without. In Paris, it’s not always easy to find cheeses from other countries — because with more than 400 types of cheese in France alone, why go elsewhere? — but most frommageries have a big wheel of Parmesan, from which they’ll slice a wedge as big as you like. The French are reasonable people.

    Parmesan + Black Pepper Crackers
  • Chocolate Madeleines + Tahini Glaze

    Displayed on the shelves of the boulangeries, next to the oversize meringues and giant almond tuiles, I always passed them by. As cute as they were, with so many other choices — I could eat a palmier or a 200-gram bag of chouquettes at any time of day — I was never tempted to buy the French shell-shaped cookie that’s more of a cake.

    Chocolate Madeleines + Tahini Glaze

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