• Buckwheat Grissini

    If you’ve ever been to a trattoria or pizzeria in Italy, then you know grissini, the super-thin breadsticks in paper wrappers that are on the table when you sit down. Crunchy and cartoonishly long, they are the perfect thing to nibble on with your first glass of vino rosso.

    Buckwheat Grissini
  • Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

    I’ve always thought big cookies were ridiculous and unnecessary things, like Super Big Gulps and burritos the size of your arm. Why on earth would anyone want to jumbo-up a cookie when a batch of scooped out, one by ones will do?

    Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie
  • Israeli Couscous + Eggplant

    I realize I’m going slightly off-season by highlighting eggplant, but when it’s 80-something degrees and it’s still officially winter, I can’t do a steaming bowl of soup. I just can’t.

    Israeli Couscous + Eggplant
  • Tahini Sablés

    One of my favorite cookies, thanks to France, is the crumbly, buttery sablé. I’ve made them with hazelnuts and chocolate chips. I’ve also made versions with pecans, peanuts, and pistachios, along with so many other iterations I can’t even remember them all.

    Tahini Sablés
  • Sweet Potato + Spinach Dumplings

    The first time I had gyoza was probably ten years ago, at Sapporo, a cheap Japanese noodle bar on rue Sainte Anne, not far from the Opera. The tender dumplings with the crispy bottoms were something I’d never heard of, yet from that first bite, a sideways maneuver with chopsticks, first dipped into the black vinegary sauce, I quickly learned that these were not for sharing.

    Sweet Potato + Spinach Dumplings

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