• Parmesan Tuiles

    You will feel so fancy when you make these crispy Parmesan chips named after the famous French almond cookie — also shaped, as you can see, exactly like Pringles’ potato chips. Not that I would know anything about that.

    Parmesan Tuiles
  • Carrots and Brussels Sprouts + Rosemary

    Since it’s now officially fall, I made this, a easy mix-up of Brussels sprouts and carrots, which for some reason I’ve not paired before. Look at these two — they’re great together.

    Carrots and Brussels Sprouts + Rosemary
  • The Best GF Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

    I love the idea of using almond flour in baking — or any nut flour, for that matter — because it doesn’t seem that odd to me. There are lots of French and Spanish recipes that call exclusively for nut flours, and I love the taste and the texture they lend, plus I somehow feel more virtuous for eating nuts.

    The Best GF Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever
  • Hello Fall Salad

    Tacotown was in my sights. I could smash some avocado on a couple of corn tortillas, put the broccoli and sweet potatoes on top, pour on some salsa verde, and call it dinner. Or not.

    Hello Fall Salad
  • Artichoke and Ricotta Pizza

    I forgot how much I love artichokes. I had them a couple of weeks ago in Evian, France at the restaurant at the newly renovated five-star Hotel Royal, served with wild Bar, a tender white-fleshed fish from Normandy, and again at one of my favorite neighborhood bistrots in Paris, Le Casse-Noix, also with fish.

    Artichoke and Ricotta Pizza

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