• Baba Ganoush

    I’ve always loved eggplant, but lately I’ve been thinking about it all the time. It started when I was in Sicily a few months ago. Every single day, there was something on my plate starring eggplant. Caponata. Pasta alla Norma. Eggplant picatta.

    Baba Ganoush
  • Roasted Carrot + Potato Fritters with Basil

    There were more leftovers in my fridge than I’d had in ages. It was one of those weeks where I had to cram in all of my cooking for an upcoming Cowgirl Chef column for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in two days.

    Roasted Carrot + Potato Fritters with Basil
  • Tomato, Olive + Ricotta Tart

    When, at the end of the day, you realize you’re sorta in the mood for pizza, but don’t want to deal with making your own dough, here’s the solution.

    Tomato, Olive + Ricotta Tart
  • My Big Fat Santa Fe Salad

    The first time I saw heaps of fried potatoes on top of a salad – at Le Relais Gascogne in Montmartre – I thought I was dreaming. I was so excited about this (along with the super-cheap carafes of Gamay I’d order with my friend Suzanne), I came up with a recipe inspired by these wine-and-salad evenings and wrote about it in my book.

    My Big Fat Santa Fe Salad
  • Skillet-Roasted Yellow Squash Hash

    Finding yellow squash in Paris is possible, but it’s not plentiful. Nothing wrong with the prolific green courgette, but I do love sweet, summery yellow squash. Reminds me of Texas, every single time I taste it.

    Skillet-Roasted Yellow Squash Hash

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