• Red Rice, Black Beans and Green Chile

    Years ago, beans and rice was my go-to dinner — before I moved to France, before I learned about so many other flavors and techniques, and back when being vegan meant little more than this. I’d make a big batch and stuff it into a warmed up tortilla and call it done. Easy enough for when I was short on time and totally fast food.

    Red Rice, Black Beans and Green Chile
  • Buckwheat Flatbread with Strawberries, Avocado + Herbs

    There are certain foods that always make me happy. Warm, homemade cookies. Ice cream with a bittersweet chocolate sauce poured on top. Flatbreads of any sort — pizza, pita, and naan.

    Buckwheat Flatbread with Strawberries, Avocado + Herbs
  • French Tomato Tarts

    I’ve been on a big tomato kick this summer. I’ve eaten more bowls gazpacho and salmorejo than I can count, and I’ve made this tart only once, so I thought it was time to do it again before the tomatoes packed up and left for the season.

    French Tomato Tarts
  • Strawberries, Summer Corn + Zucchini

    It’s not that I’m anti-dessert when it comes to strawberries — lord knows I’ve eaten my share of strawberry white chocolate ice cream and far too much strawberry compote with rhubarb on top of my yogurt — but I love experimenting with them in savory dishes, like this one.

    Strawberries, Summer Corn + Zucchini
  • Caponata

    When I was in Sicily last year, everywhere I went I was served some version of caponata, the island’s signature eggplant dish, always at room temperature and as part of a first course. I had caponata with celery and without, and one time with carrots, too. Some had pine nuts or almonds with tiny raisins.


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