July 14, 2014

imageI may or may not have been in a certain shop in the Marais the other day just to see if perhaps the leopard ankle boots I’d spotted in the window in April (and tried on) gone on sale.

And I may have tried them on (again). When I found out the price (60 percent off!), I became a wee bit faint.

I reached quickly for my credit card.

Bag o’ boots slung over my shoulder, in the rain (seriously, Paris?), I walked towards my hair salon, just on the other side of the just reopened Carreau du Temple, and I saw this sweet-looking restaurant on the corner painted in one of my favorite colors of blue.

Sort of a turquoise, but more like the sea, I think.

I peeked inside, and later I asked my coiffeur if he knew of the place and if he liked it (he did). So I went back the very next day, with my friend Catherine in tow. image image Nanashi offers Japanese fusion-y cuisine, and it’s just perfect for lunch, because everything here is light. I had the vegetarian bento box (below) — roasted eggplant with lentils, spinach and yogurt served on top of a trio of grains; and three salads on the other side.

She had a chou salad (under the “petite faim” menu).

All of it fresh and wonderful. We felt instantly happy and revived. image image image So much so that we may or may not have gone back to the same little boutique after lunch and coffee, where Catherine found a pair of blue to-the-knee fringey boots, and a dress with a Death Valley design (IN SEQUINS!), which I insisted she buy immediately.

Because I think the boots and the dress will fit me, too. imageNanashi, 57 rue Charlot, with two other locations in Paris (31 rue Paradis in the 10th/6 rue de Tournon in the 6th)

Valentine Gaultier, 58 rue Charlot

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