Albuquerque: Thai Cuisine


Oh how I love this place. Who knew there was such great Thai in the Burq?

Barie did. Barie Pinnell’s my Texas and French transplant pal who lives (thankfully) just down the road apiece, in Bernalillo, near Albuquerque. She lived in Lyon, France with her sweet husband Stan for three years and just got back to the States..with, I might add, a huge collection of Rhône river valley wines. YUM.

Anyway, Barie and I met each other here — for Thai food– three months ago and since then, we’ve been on a roll, hitting antiques shops on Fourth Street in Albuquerque, eating big ol’ steaks and homemade ice cream sandwiches (hers), and working in a lunch or fitting in a bit of brocanting (yes, y’all, brocanting is a verb) whenever we can.

Before Barie headed back to Texas for the biggest antiques fair of them all, Round Top, we met for lunch again at our favorite spot, and sat at the exact same table. Seemed like the thing to do since we were celebrating our anniversary, even though it was kind of a made up one.

She and I once again declared the food here as good as what we’d both eaten in Thailand: not long after the order’s taken, the waiter brings out a couple of tiny spring rolls (I ate one before I took the photo) and a wonderful bowl of spicy lemongrass soup. I got my favorite fat spicy noodle dish, Pad Kee Mow, and somewhere into the eating I decided to try a tiny spoonful of the chile garlic sauce the waiter brought  on the side.

Warning: Do NOT do this.

It was only a teensy bit, but my nose started to run and a strange numbness followed. I put my chopsticks down until it passed.

Which it did. Then I happily ate the rest.

Afterwards, we popped into Morningside antiques — she’s always on the lookout for items for her French antiques Etsy store, Intriguerie — just for research, mind you. But I found a pair of vintage and faded Fortuny fabric covered pillows that I just couldn’t resist…and that was that.

There’s so much to explore in Albuquerque’s junk and antique stores and I’m so happy to have an enthusiastic partner to rummage with. And if that wasn’t enough, she took me to her most favorite place of all to shop in the U.S. — Costco.

I’m still in recovery.

Thai Cuisine

4201 Central Ave NE

Albuquerque, NM 87108