Santa Fe: Nathalie Book Signing


It’s been a year or so since I tracked down Nathalie Kent, the French cowgirl with a boutique  on Canyon Road in Santa Fe…and immediately decided that the two of us would be friends. She’s a former accessories editor at French Vogue, which shows in the way she pulls together and easy Frenchy meets Southwest style at Nathalie. I got it — and her — immediately, and when we realized that we were both from the same arrondisement in Paris, too, it just seemed like we were destined to find each other.

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Cookbook Tour Schedule


It’s here…spring!…the cookbook!…and  very soon, I’ll be on the road, kicking off the Cowgirl Chef Summer of 2012 World Tour. (Do y’all think I need to get t-shirts?)

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S. & D. Oyster Company


More Big Easy than Big D, with its bowtied waiters and simple, Cajun-inspired menu, S. & D. Oyster Company where I’ve always gone for a gumbo fix. Problem is I can’t seem to stop there. I always want fried oysters, too, and I must have fried shrimp, and since the combo plate comes with both – along with hush puppies and homemade fries — what’s a girl to do but order it all?

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Good 2 Go Taco


(When I was in Dallas earlier this year, I had some tacos. Actually, lots of tacos. But I kept going back to this place, time and time again.)

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Le Bistrot des Compères


Last week, X told me that he wanted to go out for a burger, and that he’d found just the place —  Le Bistrot des Compères in the Marais. I’d not heard of it, I told him, nor had I seen it mentioned on anyone’s favorite burger in Paris list or website, and between you and me, I gotta tell you, I was skeptical.

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Lately, each weekend, it seems, I’ve been hopping on the metro and heading to the east side of Paris – to eat Italian, or Spanish, or in this case, some wonderful and well-priced bistro cuisine (three courses for just 30 euros).

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Spanish Tapas in Paris: Caves Saint Gilles


When I return to Texas, one of the first places that I go to for Tex-Mex is Mazatlan, a family-run place that’s in an old Dairy Queen in Denton. When I’m back in Paris, usually the first week or two after a trip away, I come here, to Caves Saint Gilles, for Spanish tapas. Now I know what you’re probably thinking. Spanish food? Really?

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Best Pizza in Paris


At the end of the week, after I’ve tested I don’t know how many recipes, I’m often in the mood for something simple. Like a good pizza.

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