Mon Petit Jardin


Last week, my friend Cat brought me some herbs from Normandy, and I thought, “Excellent! I can put these right outside of my kitchen window in a sweet little window box and that’ll be so handy!” Then I realized the dryer won’t let my large vertical window open more than a few inches, so I decided to put my herbs in my living room, which turned out to be a great idea.

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Stuff I Heart


Just finished a second round of sold-out cooking classes at Central Market (yay!) in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and I’m so happy to be back.

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I Found a Boo-Boo


I am a mad, crazy do-it-again and again recipe tester. As anyone should be who decides to write a cookbook. As much as I love surprises, I don’t want a surprise when I follow a recipe, line-by-line and letter by letter, and it turns out differently than it should.

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Merry Christmas!

for my christmas post

Despite the colder-than-Paris weather we’ve been having lately, I’m so happy to be back in Texas for the holidays…surrounded by friends, family, and lots of love.

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It’s In!


The “E” key on my computer keyboard is nearly worn off. My pots and pans are no longer sitting in the sink, soaking for hours, before I give them a good scrub. I have, for the moment at least, clocked out of the kitchen.

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