Amarillo: Thai Garden


Best known for big cattle ranches and 72-ounce steaks, Amarillo isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think, “Hey, I’m in the mood for Thai.”

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Albuquerque: Frontier


Anyone that’s been to the Frontier knows. This is the sort of place that you get misty-eyed about. Where to begin? A cinnamon roll as big as your head, swimming in a pond of butter? Or a jumbo breakfast burrito, stuffed with hash browns and cheese (see below), and covered with as much of the restaurant’s signature tomato-based green chile sauce you can ladle on from the helpy-selfy bar?

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Road Trip: Burgundy


When my friend Betsi emailed me in January to invite me to her house in Burgundy for a weekend of brocanting (that’s a verb, right?) with the girls, I couldn’t get out my Sharpie fast enough to write it on my calendar. Burgundy + brocantes always equals fun in my book, so I packed my bags, hit the ATM (I actually think I heard it wimper when I punched in my code), and I was soon buzzing down the A6 in a van packed with four other women, all obsessive junkers like me, and a pan of just-baked brownies in the back.

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Brussels: Dille & Kamille


Sometimes I take on the most dangerous of assignments. Like when my editor at Virtuoso Life magazine asked me to go to Brussels and write about the boutiques in the chic Antoine Dansaert-Ste. Catherine neighborhood, and I unknowingly timed it to coincide with the end of the January sales.

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Santa Fe Farmer’s Market


This is Rose Trujillo and she’s one of the founders of the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market, considered one of the top farmer’s markets in the U.S. See that sack in her right hand? That’s a package of her buffalo tamales, handmade the night before, she told me. Rose and her daughter also make the anise seed bizcochitos (below), now New Mexico’s state cookie. (Yes, that’s right – a state cookie — any state with the good sense to have its own cookie is my kind of place.)

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