Cookbook Tour Schedule


It’s here…spring!…the cookbook!…and  very soon, I’ll be on the road, kicking off the Cowgirl Chef Summer of 2012 World Tour. (Do y’all think I need to get t-shirts?)

I’ll be cruising around Texas and New Mexico (so far), promoting the book, signing the book, talking about the book, and of course…cooking from the book. Whew.

It’s a good thing I’ve been doing this all-about-me blog for the last few years, right?

I’m leaving Paris in less than two weeks and I’m thrilled to be headed home…and overwhelmed…and scared…and so damn excited I can hardly stand it. I’m all of those things, and all at once, every single day.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, this book is something that I’m so grateful for and it simply wouldn’t be without all of the support I’ve had since I started this silly old Cowgirl Chef thing. Even though my names’s on the cover, this feels in many ways like one big worldwide collaboration. I’ve had testers, editors, friends, and family on both sides of the pond sending love, comments, and encouragement throughout the process which began about this time last year. So thank you, everyone.

I really hope you’ll like the book, and that you’ll love the recipes as much as I do.I’ll be letting you know where I’ll be in this space, but please check the calendar tab above to see the latest additions to the schedule. I’m plugging in new events and book signings every day.

And just hoping the coffee doesn’t run out…à bientôt!