Cooking Classes

It started in my tiny Paris kitchen.


Where it began.

My first cooking class was for four people – all brave women – who squeezed into my tiny Paris kitchen and drank margaritas while I showed them how to make flour tortillas and super-spicy salsa like what I used to eat back home.

HatchChiliesClass_1197I’d never taught a class of any sort. Ever. But after the first one, I knew that this was something I loved to do. Plus people seemed to like them.

So I kept on teaching. The classes got bigger and bigger, beyond my wildest imagination, and my mini French kitchen.


Central Market, Lake Austin Spa, and more.

CookingClassP1000382Now I teach at some of the most prestigious venues in the U.S., including Lake Austin Spa and Central Market stores throughout Texas, where my classes usually sell-out.

CentralMarketPopTheCork_0004If you live in the States and would like for me to cook for you and a group of guests, or are interested in finding out about my next classes at Central Market or Lake Austin Spa Resort, just send me an email.


What they’re saying…

“Loved her French background and the blending of French and American food.”
– Laura
“…her sense of humor and stories while cooking.”

“The recipes were approachable and delicious.”
– Diana

“She went the whole nine yards to show how to complete a recipe, i.e., explaining the buttermilk ice cream to go with the fig tart.”
– Sarah

“Quick and easy recipes.”

“Ellise’s creativity in the development of the different dishes; prep tips; loved her stories; how much she enjoys cooking but also making the presentation so impressive. Very thoughtful in every step – and fantastic food!”

“Inspired to go home and cook!”