In the Kitchen with…Javier Guiterrez

I love being in the kitchen — any kitchen at all — and one of the segments that we’re producing for the Cowgirl Chef series, on this blogsite, on the Cowgirl Chef YouTube channel, and on the website for the magazine, Cowboys & Indians, is “In the Kitchen with…”, where I’ll go into the kitchens and learn the secrets — and recipes — of some of my favorite chefs, personalities, musicians, writers, artists, and anyone else with a great food story.

When I was in Dallas recently, I visited with Javier Guiterrez, owner of the gourmet Mexican restaurant, Javier’s, a place that, despite its nonstop celeb clientele (from Rudy Guiliani and Adrian Grenier from “Entourage” to locals Angie Harmon and Cowboys ex-QB Troy Aikman), remains consistent with its Mexico City-inspired cuisine; red and green salsas, always served with warm, just-fried tortilla chips; and crazy-strong margaritas. Yowza.

I told Javier that I was writing about salsas for Cowboys & Indians (September issue), and I asked if he’d share one of his recipes with me.

He surprised me by giving me two, which made me twice as happy.

In this video, he shows me how his kitchen staff makes its super-hot habanero salsa, which is served with quail, cabrito, or to anyone who’s brave enough to ask for a bowl.

Tomorrow, I’ll post the recipe for the restaurant’s addictive salsa verde.

Enjoy the show.