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Le Bistrot des Compères

Last week, X told me that he wanted to go out for a burger, and that he’d found just the place —  Le Bistrot des Compères in the Marais. I’d not heard of it, I told him, nor had I seen it mentioned on anyone’s favorite burger in Paris list or website, and between you and me, I gotta tell you, I was skeptical.

So I bundled up in a couple of layers, this being spring and all, and off we went.

I know y’all won’t believe this, but I wasn’t really in the mood for a burger that night, so I got the salade de chèvre chaud and X ordered the burger.

Which, of course, I instantly regretted. Look at the size of that big boy, will you?

Our server didn’t know for sure, but the beef tasted so good that I’m quite certain that it had to be Charolais. Plus, there was a big ol’ schmear of goat cheese with herbs on top of the burger, which I really liked, and bonus! – bacon – hiding underneath.

I’m so glad X shared his burger with me.

And the mi-cuit chocolat (below) with white chocolate ice cream.

It was all good – not fancy, not too expensive, either — just an easy little neighborhood bistrot. My only suggestion is that they get a handle on the pommes frites component — three wedges of a potato, no matter how cute they look on a plate, do not an order of fries make —  so the burger experience can be more complete.

I loved that the place was on a quiet little street, and a quick walk from the metro. It was sort of like not being in the middle of Paris, which, when you just can’t get away to your country house for the weekend, or if you’re like me (ahem), don’t have one, is a very good thing.

Le Bistrot des Compères
16 rue Charlemagne
01 42 72 14 16
Metro: St. Paul