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Le Tour du Texas, Part Deux!

I can hardly believe it myself. After just two soggy months back on this side of the pond, losing and/or breaking three different umbrellas and hopping on more planes, trains, and boats (to Spain, Morocco, Belgium, and the South of France) than I can remember, I’m packing my big suitcase again and coming back to Texas!

As y’all know, the summer tour was so much fun – and such a success, with sell-out crowds everywhere — I’ve been invited back for an encore tour.

I’m so excited!

I’ll be teaching cooking classes again at Central Market — yahoo!! — in the Dallas-Fort Worth area the first week of November: Fort Worth on Wednesday, November 7; Plano on Thursday, November, 8; and Southlake on Friday, November 9. This time, the theme will be Cowgirlified Frenchy holiday dinners, made with recipes from my new cookbook. To sign up, just click here.

I’ll also be back at Lake Austin Spa Resort on November 16, teaching classes on some of my favorite fall and winter soups and salads. If you’re in the Austin area, come! Get a spa treatment or two! Here’s the link to find out more.

For the Fort Worth folks, I’ll be pairing up with Gwin Grogan Grimes again for a Saturday afternoon French and American appetizers class at Artisan Baking Company, with a book signing afterwards. To sign up for this one, here’s your link.

I’ll be cooking up all sorts of other things as well…so stay tuned, everyone, and I hope to see you at one of these events!