Mazatlan: Tex-Mex in Denton

Within two hours’ of touching down at DFW Airport, I was sitting at a booth at my favorite Mexican restaurant in Denton, Mazatlan (in an old Dairy Queen, next to a bowling alley), with a platter of beef brisket tacos in front of me, and an icy cold Negra Modelo beer. Heaven!

Mom and I had planned to share (she ordered up the chicken chimichanga, a flour tortilla stuffed with chicken and deep-fried), but in the end, she ate only half of hers, gave the rest to me, which I ate after I finished off all of mine. Then we had cinnamon ice cream for dessert; rather, I did.


I usually eat here two or three times while I’m home — I also love the spinach and mushroom enchiladas, queso with poblano pepper strips, and beef enchiladas — and was so taken with the salsa roja that I asked the owner for the recipe, which he happily gave to me. It’ll be featured in the September issue of Cowboys & Indians magazine.

1928 N. Ruddell St.
Denton, Texas