Paris: Stohrer

See this little cutie? It’s aptly called Puit d’Amour, or “well of love.” One bite into its crunchy caramel shell and into the soft vanilla pastry cream and you’ll get it. As far as sweets go around town, this is one of my favorites, and you can only get it at Stohrer, one of Paris’ oldest patissieries, in Les Halles.

Nicolas Stohrer was actually the patissier of King Stanislas of Poland back in the 1700s, but when his daughter, Marie Leszczynsk, married Louis VX in 1725, she brought him along with her to Versailles (guess she was addicted to the Puit d’Amour, too).

Five years later, Stohrer opened his own shop, right where it stands today. He’s also credited with inventing another French classic dessert, the booze-saturated brioche, Baba au Rhum. I’m not a fan of the Baba, but the well of love? I’ll stand in line for that.

51 rue Montorgueil
Metro: Etienne Marcel