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Road Trip: British West Indies

I have never seen avocados this big in my life. Just look at these babies! I knew that you wouldn’t believe me if I said, “I swear, they’re as big as pineapples!” so here’s proof.

I just arrived in Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos, British West Indies, and naturally, one of the fist things that I did was to go to the local grocery store and check out the produce.

Truth be told, not long after I arrived, I realized that this nasty whatever whatever that I’ve been fighting in Paris had come along with me on the long, much delayed flight to Miami, and I went to the doctor here on the island — an expat Brit who splits his time between practicing medicine and working as a pilot for one of the airlines here — got some really strong antibiotics, and then went to the store for some organic cranberry juice, and of course, a 6-pack of Coke.

I figured that I’d take it easy, sit on my balcony here at the oh-so-posh Regent Palms, and catch up on my reading. Living in Paris, I feel disconnected from the important news about Nicole and Angelina and Britney, and I intend to use my downtime to catch up.