Salad 1-2-3


Or Jetlag Salad, if you prefer. When I’m thrown back in time seven time zones, as I was last week, I need something that’s healthy — and super-quick to put together.

You need:

1. Rotisserie chicken

2. Arugula

3. Croutons (in this case, ones made from Eric Kayser olive bread that I brought back in my carry-on)

I didn’t even bother with a vinaigrette. Instead, I added a shake or two of olive oil and some sweet wine vinegar I brought back from Spain made with Pedro Ximenez grapes. It’s light and just slightly sweet and not too acidic.

The good news (or maybe not) is you don’t have to fly to Spain to find this vinegar. It’s available online at a bunch of different retailers and isn’t expensive; most brands are around $7 a bottle. I’d strongly suggest adding this to your salad-making repertoire — it’s perfect for summer salads and doesn’t overwhelm.

This salad is a go-to of mine when I’m in Paris, where there’s a rotisserie chicken man on practically every block, and now in Dallas, too. It’s best when the chicken’s slightly warm (and the rosé is slightly chilled).

Happy salad days, y’all.