Salty Caramel Sauce


Somewhere along the way, perhaps in my second year of living in Paris, the French favorite, salty caramel, started to gain ground on my great love, bittersweet chocolate.

I made caramel pots de crème; caramel whipped cream, and sought out candy shops in Paris and all around France that had the perfect creamy, melty-in-your-mouthy caramels.

Chocolate was taking a backseat to my new obsession, and he wasn’t happy about it.

So recently, I had a little tête-à-tête with M. Fleur de Sel Caramel and M. Chocolat, and let them know that I love them both, really I do, and asked if we all couldn’t coexist peacefully.

They both reluctantly agreed, and in this video, while I focus on salty caramel sauce – which tops the best-selling crepes at Creperie de Josselin, I don’t completely ignore the chocolate sauce, waiting oh-so-patiently for me, in the wings.

Enjoy the show.

Salty Caramel Sauce

(from Creperie de Josselin in Paris)


½ cup water
3 cups sugar
2 sticks salty butter
1 ½ cups creme fraiche or sour cream


1. Put the water and sugar in a heavy pot over high heat. Stir a bit to mix, then let cook for 10-12 minutes until sugar caramelizes. Note: while this process is going on, don’t even think about stirring the pot.

2. When the sugar turns medium to dark amber, whisk in the butter until it melts, then add the creme fraiche.

Et voila! You’ve just made the best — and easiest!– caramel sauce in the world …for crepes, ice cream, toast, or anything else your heart desires.