San Antonio: Taco House


Oh the big-time glamour of being on a book tour! Sitting in the Green Room waiting to go on a national TV show, nibbling on fancy chocolates while making small talk with celebrities! Being chauffeured around, from here to there! Fielding calls from Important Members of the Press!

Ha ha ha.

What it’s really like: I have eaten more meals out of a paper sack — and while driving my rented SUV — in the last six weeks than I can remember. Thank god we have Whataburger in Texas, that there are plenty of Starbucks along I-35, and that in a pinch, the oversize peanut butter-chocolate chip cookie at Whole Foods can tide one over for an hour or two.

But mostly, I am thankful for this. The breakfast taco. Or as you can see here, TWO breakfast tacos.


Breakfast tacos always save the day. (Perhaps a t-shirt of a flying breakfast taco is needed?)

I love them, and especially not for breakfast, as I am usually not a breakfast eating person, but a breakfast coffee drinking-only person. But in this case, I was in San Antonio, and up since far too early in the morning to be on the Fox TV show, so it was really more like lunch, and in that case, I was ready for not just one, but two of these monster eggy-filled things of deliciousness.

One, egg and potato. Two, egg and chorizo — so much chorizo, in fact, that I shared with the egg and potato. Homemade tortillas. The damage? $1.50 apiece.

Cheaper than cheap and insanely, crazy-good tacos at the Taco House, y’all. Plus a helpy-selfy bar to fill up with as much salsa (the green’s super-hot) as you want, which is always a bonus. Bright picnic tables to eat on. Easy.

Taco House

6307 San Pedro Avenue

San Antonio, Tx 78216

(210) 341-3136