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Santa Fe: Bumper Stickers

What is it with Santa Feans and their cars?

Try finding one without a bumper sticker on the back. Besides mine, I mean.

I’m not sure I saw a single bumper sticker on the back of a car when I was in Paris. Which of course, is very French. What one thinks– about anything, really – is one’s personal business, that is, until the time they decide to tell you, but this is done in person, and face-to-face. In France, cars honk to express themselves; they’re not stickered up with cute, political, or otherwise colorful stickers.

But in Santa Fe, it’s a whole different story. Grocery store parking lots are the best for spotting lots of stickered cars, but really, you can find them everywhere. I’m pretty sure that there are more stickers on cars here than in other places in the U.S., but maybe I’ve just been away for too long. Is this a trend that I’ve missed?

I banged the side of my car while parallel parking into a space at the trail the other week. I’m thinking about getting a sticker that looks like a big Band-Aid to cover it up.