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The Flea

How do you say “brocante” in Santa Fe? “The Flea” — a very Santa Fe-centric batch of vendors selling everything that’s Western, from saddles and tack to hats, cowhide rugs, and loads of beaded and fringed things. It’s all about the fringe here.

This was the first weekend of The Flea, and maybe because it was a holiday (Memorial Day weekend), the crowds were scarce. There weren’t many vendors, either, but I’m convinced that once the season gets underway, there will be more folks out there wheeling and dealing.

Since I’d bought a cowhide rug — a nearly all-white one — the day before, I didn’t look too carefully at these, but if you’re in the market for one, they’ve got plenty to choose from out here.

Dusty, never been worn before hats and lots of old stolen highway signs. I didn’t see anything that I had to buy, except for a pair of lamps for $30 that I immediately got home and decided that I needed to paint over and/or distress in some way. More on the lamps later. I plan to do a grand before and after for you.

Rugs all over the place! See how bright they are?  Color is such a part of life here. And I get it. But to me, seeing the saturated blue skies every day and the dramatic sunsets is where I get my color. Plus I’m already living in an adobe, which feels Southwestern enough. I’ve

Don’t get me wrong. I love the vibe of this place –I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t — but  little goes a long way in my book. I’ve got a ristra hanging outside my door and over one of my fireplaces, both souvenirs left from the previous owners. I’ll probably keep one of them. But if you ever catch me walking down the street in a broom skirt and a squash blossom necklace,